Blockchain AI Forensic Accounting and Auditing

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BAIFA 101:

Your Guide to Success

Integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence, BAIFA offers impeccable compliance solutions for forensic accounting and auditing. Real-time asset monitoring, intelligent anomaly detection, and prompt accounting filings secure virtual currency assets. With BAIFA, focus on business development, free from compliance worries.


Real-time Comparison of Massive Data


Analyze over 200 million transaction addresses


Maintain over 5 million blacklisted addresses


Monitor over 30 blockchains


Observe over 150,000 transactions per second


Complete audits within 24 hours

Awesome Services We Offer

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Cryptocurrency Flow Analysis and Tracking

balance sheet

Automated Real-time Accounting Audit

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Financial Compliance Policy Formulation

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Blockchain System Security Testing

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Smart Contract Security Testing


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Are the virtual currency assets you currently hold secure?

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When your company invests in virtual currency assets, how should you manage and account for them?

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How do fintech startups ensure compliance?

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Is your accountant fast enough to meet the Hong Kong SFC's requirement of shortening accounting cycles to one month?